Driving Simulator Developed with Ariel, Priced like Compact Car

Driving Simulator Developed with Ariel, Priced like Compact Car

Driving an Ariel Atom is probably about as exciting as riding the world’s fastest roller coaster having never been to an amusement park before. Unfortunately, the Atom’s admission price is an awful lot higher than going to Six Flags.

Nevertheless, there is a solution. Still a lot pricier than rocketing through the loops and corkscrews, but more economical than tracking a supercar, a new driving simulator from Motion Simulation, developed with the help of the Ariel Motor Company, is trying to recreate true driving thrills.

For about $18,600 your living room can become a track racing simulator. The system offers a 180 degree view to simulate actually sitting in the car. Users will experience other cars in their peripheral vision and watch objects fly past.

What’s most interesting (and useful) about a system like this is that it’s designed to exactly recreate the experience on driving on a variety of real world tracks. Practicing on one of these can actually lower lap times and prepare you for a run around the Nurburgring, Laguna Seca or whatever other track you choose.

The system offers a variety of cars including the aforementioned Ariel Atom, a Formula 1 car, and can even function as a flight simulator.

If dropping more on a video game than a Dodge Dart sounds a little silly, there’s also the cockpit-only option that doesn’t include the massive screen. It costs less, but you miss out on the immersive experience.

Watch the video below if you’re having trouble picturing what it’s like to use one.

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