Electric Freeway Now Powers EVs from San Diego to Vancouver

Electric Freeway Now Powers EVs from San Diego to Vancouver

Back in March, the electric highway spanning up the West Coast with eight charging stations over a 160-mile made headlines. Now you can theoretically travel from San Diego all the way to Vancouver, Canada in your EV if you’re adventurous enough.

It can’t be done without some careful planning however. The Washingon State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and AeroVironment has opened 10 new public charging stations, with seven of them conveniently located on the I-5. Eight of those 10 allow the use of DC fast chargers, allowing travelers to hit a full charge in as little as 30 minutes. All of those eight charging stations have Level 2 charging capability and are conveniently located near shopping centers, so you’re not stuck idly waiting while your car charges.

So far, the chargers are available for free for drivers thanks to Charger and the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association. By locating them near shopping facilities, chances are these chargers could remain free by helping attract more business to those areas.

Those that want to see just how far an EV can take them without using a single drip of gas should take a look at the electric highway and plan ahead. We’d love to hear stories of anyone venturing from California to Canada without ever having to stop at a gas station.

[Source: Torque News]