Enthusiast-Built Chevrolet S10 Gets a Badass Viper Engine

Enthusiast-Built Chevrolet S10 Gets a Badass Viper Engine

At the purest level, being a passionate car guy is a selfish game. Somewhere along the line a bug with gas in its veins and a love for all things mechanical wriggles underneath the skin and settles in for a lifetime of gear-head glory. That’s something Halvor Sorhus and his Chevrolet S10 build know very well. 

As you’ve probably already noticed, there’s very little left of the original truck, which underwent a heart transplant that left it the shocking V10 engine from a donor Dodge Viper.

Sorhus, who lives in Norway, didn’t set out to build the crazy frankencar you see above, but after somebody offered to trade the powerplant to him for his Cutlass Cruiser, he said the decision was easy.

“Having a dad who is really into cars, and especially American cars, this sort of hobby came naturally to me,” he said. “I have been tinkering with cars and bikes all my life, and my motto has [always] been: ‘if it doesn’t scrape, its not low enough.’ This build, however, is a bit of a first for me. Its a bit more radical than what I imagined I could pull off, but here we are, on the homestretch of the build, and it fits together really nicely.”

With the project nearing completion, we asked him what the final product will look like. While he hasn’t fully decided what to do, it sounds like either the orange paint pictured above or a simple gloss black might do the trick.

The trouble is, he won’t ever get to drive what he affectionately calls the “Money Pit” out on the street. Sorhus told us the laws in Norway can be pretty restrictive to modified vehicles, so there isn’t much of a chance his truck will ever see the road. So what’s the point?

If you hadn’t guessed, he’s something of a track nut, so what amounts to a tin can with a crazy engine is probably going to see a lot of race time.

“Everyone thinks I’m crazy for putting a V10 into an S10,” he said. “But who cares what anyone thinks? I’m doing this build for myself, wanting a one-off truck.”

The project originally began in late 2008, but really took off a year ago, which is when he got the Viper engine. With something in the ballpark of around 500 hp and 525 lb-ft of torque, we can’t blame him for feeling excited to take his new baby out.

So what’s he most revved up for? Drifting. “I imagine it will haul ass as a drifter,” he said — and it’s hard to disagree.

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  • Duhg

    i guess the owner wrecked the Viper and decided to keep the engine and put to good use hauling heavy items in his pick up.

  • Halvor

    No I didnt Duhg.. Ive never owned a viper, bought the engine and transmission as a package, not as a complete vehicle..

    I like how there are so many out there who has shared this story, and is talking about it, both on Facebook and Twitter! 🙂 Hats of to Luke Wandezande, for excellent writing!Halvor,
    builder of this S10 Viper