Federal-Mogul Exhaust Sleeves Help Lower Emissions

Federal-Mogul Exhaust Sleeves Help Lower Emissions

You pretty much can’t throw a rock in the auto industry these days and not hit something related to emissions.

As nations across the globe look to enforce ever tightening smog standards for vehicles, engineering teams are looking at many different ways of reducing the amount of harmful gases leaving the tailpipe.

Federal-Mogul has come up with one strategy; custom-tailored Thermaflex exhaust insulation sleeves. Using an idea that’s been popular with racers for decades, F-M’s new sleeves are designed to trap heat within the car’s exhaust system, reducing it’s radiation to nearby vehicle components, such as turbocharger parts, emissions control pieces and wiring (which can fail if exposed to too much heat).

Added benefits include improved efficiency of emissions components and the expelling of spent gases, plus minimal impact on under hood space and vehicle weight.

Made using balsalt yarns, the sleeves are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1382 degrees Fahrenheit and have been designed to adapt to flanges and bends typical of most vehicle exhaust systems. They can also be manufactured with vents, designed to deflect heat away from specific under hood or chassis components.

Federal-Mogul says that proprietary knitting technology allows rapid prototyping and production of its Thermaflex sleeves for specific vehicle applications, reducing time to market and significantly reducing tooling costs; a boon to most OE vehicle manufacturers.

According to Janice Maiden, vice president and director of Federal Mogul’s Systems Protection, the sleeves are a “fully-integrated product takes into account environmental, thermal and durability considerations and addresses all of these issues with one customised design. Further, Thermflex is lightweight compared to traditional solutions for exhaust insulation, thereby providing additional customer value.”