Ferrari 458 Spyder gets the Mansory Treatment, Monaco Edition Unveiled

Ferrari 458 Spyder gets the Mansory Treatment, Monaco Edition Unveiled

Few will find the Ferrari 458 Italia lacking in style, performance or price. But if you’re one of those who think “This car just isn’t extreme enough for me,” European tuning shop Mansory is waiting for your phone call.

Only three of these Mansory Monaco Edition Ferrari 458s will be around, and each one will be taken to the absolute edge of ‘refinement’ by Mansory.

You’ll notice Mansory has added more carbon-fiber parts to the car, including bits that help with aerodynamics and air-flow, helping the Italia’s engine stay cool. These carbon fiber parts also help reduce weight, as the Monaco Edition 458 is about 130 lbs lighter than the stock 458.

This car sits a bit lower than the stock 458 as well, thanks to Mansory’s suspension and handling tweaks.

The engine management and exhaust system also received some improvement, upgrading the car to put out 590-hp, netting a 0-60 mph time of just 3.2 seconds.

Take a careful look inside the Monaco Edition, and you’ll see that they also touched up the interior, using some leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber.

Look into the gallery for a closer look.

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