Ferrari Claims Unofficial Record Lap Time at Laguna Seca

Ferrari Claims Unofficial Record Lap Time at Laguna Seca

Racing is all about getting the shortest lap time, and following this past weekends Ferrari Challenge North America race at Laguna Seca, the Italian sports car company can now claim the fastest lap around Laguna Seca. 

Driving a F2003 GA Formula 1 car, Spanish driver Marc Gene set a new record of 1.05.78. However, the lap was recorded during testing, and is therefore classified as an unofficial lap time. However you wanna look at it, there is no denying that this is the quickest time around Laguna Seca.

The previous record of 1:05.880 was held by Sebastian Bourdais, and was bested by just ten tenths of a second. A track as complex and demanding as Laguna Seca demands that the lap time records be highly contentious, and Ferrari will no doubt flaunt its new crown as often as possible.

  • kekkis

    “[T]en tenths of a second” make up a whole second. The real improvement was, apparently, ten hundredths of a second, or one tenth.


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