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 |  May 09 2012, 7:32 PM

Ferrari has the Chinese government feeling steamed after one person’s actions at a launch event for it’s year-of-the-dragon edition 458 Italia. Evidently, doing donuts on the Great Wall is uncouth. Who knew?

Footage in the clip below shows one of the special 458s hooning around, leaving tire marks on the Great Wall. The shenanigans occurred during an event put on by a Chinese Ferrari dealership.

While it seems unlikely that the actions were planned, there isn’t much information available beyond the fact that one of the dealership’s employees got behind the wheel at some point during the demonstration and behaved with little maturity or discretion.

Consequences for the childish stunt and who they will fall on are still also unannounced, but retribution can’t be far off. Thankfully it was caught on camera, so we can all join in lambasting the driver.

[Source: USA Today]