Ferrari Enzo Hybrid Confirmed For Year’s End by Montezemolo

Ferrari Enzo Hybrid Confirmed For Year’s End by Montezemolo

Coming off a very successful start to the year that already generated a 42.1 million euro profit, Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo is confirming a hybrid Enzo by the end of the year.

It might have seemed a stretch before that the Enzo could be a test baby for new technology, but it seems that’s exactly what’s happening. Ferrari already gave official confirmation that a hybrid drivetrain was coming this year, but this is the first official confirmation of such a system going into the next flagship, the successor to the famed Enzo.

“We have a complete new model range brimming with technological innovations, and which deliver significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, down by 30 per cent on average. At the end of the year, we’ll also be unveiling the new Enzo, a limited series model and our first ever hybrid car,” said di Montezemolo.

With rumors that the new Ferrari supercar will reach somewhere around 920 hp between its electric motors and V12 gas engine, there will be little else to compete. Even the Porsche 981 Spyder, which is said to slot in around the 700-hp mark, might struggle to compete.

So, this is exactly what we’re looking at: a car with the same V12 engine currently found in the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, but amped up with an electric motor to offer dizzying power. Does this look good enough to be Ferrari’s next spectacular supercar and successor to the Enzo? It certainly does.