Ferrari FF Burns to the Ground in Poland

Ferrari FF Burns to the Ground in Poland

Ferrari has been gaining a name for itself lately for having hot cars, but not in a design sort of way.

Reports of Ferrari’s spontaneously self-combusting have been common in the news over the last few years, and the newest case is that of a Ferrari FF burning itself down in Poland. The fires started in 458’s, and this is now around the third case of an FF burning that has been reported. This spells out that the problems are not isolated to one model, but to something in the engine or electronics setup.

This seems to be a growing problem in the Italian supercars, and is quite a cause for concern, as watching your half-million dollar investment burn to the ground must be a painful experience.

The driver of this FF reported that the fire started under the hood while he was cruising on the highway, and quickly made its way into the cabin, entering where the drivers pedals are.

If the automaker doesn’t do something about this flame ridden epidemic soon, it will probably start to curb sales numbers of the exotic cars.

You can watch a video of the Ferrari burning here.

  • Mike O.

    Ferrari Sucks! Let them all burn.

  • Rkellstrom

    Its will buff out…

  • Motm Autostrada

    what the hell

  • Glgi

    its not an investment these new modern cars will never be classics like for instance hitlers mercedes or something of that sort so its not worth the money