Ferrari FXX Evos Make Aural Bliss at Monza – Video

Ferrari FXX Evos Make Aural Bliss at Monza – Video

Hearing any Ferrari out on a racetrack is automotive bliss; but seeing and hearing the rare FXX Evoluzione race car out on the track is simply something else.

A pair of FXX Evolutions took to Monza Race Track during the Ferrari corse clienti and both appear to be equipped with the Evoluzione kit which takes power from 790-hp to a ridiculous 860-hp. Both vehicles sound every bit the rare race car that it is. Owners fork out close to $2-million to have the opportunity to own one but are only allowed to drive it on special track days approved by Ferrari. How’s that for exclusivity?

The FXX is based on the Ferrari Enzo, but has its V12 motor stroked to a 6.3-liters rather than the 6.0-liter seen in the street-legal Enzo. When equipped with the Evoluzione kit, the 860-hp Ferrari makes the Enzo’s 651-hp seem paltry. Undoubtedly for these Ferrari owners, the high price to pay for just a few days of driving time is well worth it.

Watch the amazing video after the break of two Ferrari FXX Evoluzione models tearing up Monza.

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[Source: GT Spirit]