Ferrari, Lamborghini Suspend Production Indefinitely After Earthquake

Ferrari, Lamborghini Suspend Production Indefinitely After Earthquake

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit Northern Italy on Tuesday morning in the province of Modena, which caused MaseratiLamborghini and Ferrari to suspend production indefinitely.

The three companies are located within 15 miles of one another, and were roughly 25 miles from the earthquakes center. “After the earthquake, working activity has been suspended for today. All the workers and employees have been allowed to join their families,” said a Ferrari spokesman on the company’s official twitter feed.

Lamborghini tweets, “5.9 earthquake in the region, here in Sant’Agata everything looks fine and engineers are checking the lamborghini factory and the building.”

About 5,000 workers were sent home due to the quakes, as inspectors came into the buildings to make sure that the earthquake did not due any fatal damage. All three companies say that production will begin again as soon as possible.

A total 15 deaths have been reported as a result of the earthquakes, though none of them happened at the aforementioned facilities.

  • Gio

    The prodution isn’t suspend indefenetly. A few minutes ago Ferrari declared the factory will return to work tomorrow morning, and Lamborghini will return to work on Thursday.