Fiat-Mazda Relationship Could Grow Beyond Sports Coupe

Fiat-Mazda Relationship Could Grow Beyond Sports Coupe

Following news about Mazda and Fiat working together to build a new Miata and Alfa Romeo coupe, Fiat Chief Executive  Sergio Marchionne hinted that the Fiat-Mazda relationship has potential to expand even further.

During a tour of the Belvidere, Illinois plant, where the Dodge Dart will be built, Marchionne talked to reporters a bit more about the future of Fiat and Mazda’s collaboration.

“I would be willing to build Mazdas anywhere in the world where we have capacity, including Chrysler plants,” said Marchionne.

Recently Mazda has slowed down production at it’s Flat Rock plant in Detroit (which is partly owned by Ford) and Marchionne clearly sees the opportunity to further the Fiat-Mazda partnership.

Marchionne also mentioned that the Belvidere plant can accommodate one more car. Whether that car is a Fiat, Chrysler or Mazda, is yet to be seen.

  • Evan M.

    Mazda 2 is likely. even the CX-5