Ford Steps Up Chinese Car-Sales Offensive

Ford Steps Up Chinese Car-Sales Offensive

It’s no secret that the Chinese car business is still growing, even though it is already the largest market in the world.  Automakers responded for the most part, with China focused cars and marketing campaigns, and now Ford is finally upping Chinese production to get is slice of the sales pie.


Ford has long been overshadowed by GM and Volkswagen in the Chinese car market, holding only 2.8 percent of sales in 2011. The American company plans to double production in China by 2015, and will build two more manufacturing plants to add to its three existing Chinese plants.

Ford will face some friction however, as the Chinese auto business is also becoming very diluted with foreign products, because everyone wants a piece of it. There is plenty to go around, with estimates putting overall car sales at 30 million units by 2020. Even a small percentage of 30 million is, overall, a huge amount of business.

15 new vehicles have been slated for introduction into the Chinese market from Ford by 2015, which still won’t compete with GM’s 60 new models being rolled out over the next five years, but at least will be a step in the right direction for Ford. The new models will cater to Chinese tastes, another tactic which Ford has generally overlooked up until now.

[Source: Reuters]