Forza Horizon Revealed with SRT Viper on Cover

Forza Horizon Revealed with SRT Viper on Cover

Racing games have really evolved to the point where looking back at the original Gran Turismo or Forza compared to today’s releases is almost comical.

Microsoft and Turn 10 is working on the next entry for their Forza collection, titled Forza Horizon. If you’re wondering why its not following the naming convention of numbered Forza games, Forza Horizon will be more of a driving simulator rather than a racing simulator.

That means more open road virtual driving in your favorite cars rather than tearing up famous race tracks from around the world. It’ll be a welcoming change from the last four iterations of Forza games, especially since the SRT Viper will be in it.

The game is due sometime this year in fall, and will be one of the first chances for people who can’t afford a Viper to drive one — sort of.

Forza Horizon Cover Art: