Fox Marketing Lexus SEMA Cars Stripped and Crushed

Fox Marketing Lexus SEMA Cars Stripped and Crushed

Maybe you’re not a fan of the wild SEMA Show cars built by Fox Marketing. Even then, it requires a certain level of heartlessness to not shed a tear when seeing these photos.

Built for Lexus for SEMA over the years the Fox Marketing Lexus IS-F and IS350C have seen better days. They might look like theft recoveries, but sadly it’s worse than that – they’ve been wrecked on purpose.

Fine machines in their own right, both cars were kitted out with tens of thousands of dollars in top-grade modifications ranging from superchargers to wheels, tires, suspension kits and brakes. And let’s not forget about the custom body kits, interiors and wild paint colors. Some parts appear to have been removed from the cars, although Brian Fox of Fox Marketing has confirmed the high-powered engines had to remain in the vehicles.

Built as “dollar cars” for the show circuit, the life of these two luxury machines has now expired and due to legal reasons they must be disposed of in a way that will ensure Lexus won’t wind up with a lawsuit some time down the road.

When contacted, Fox informed AutoGuide that more photos and even video was on it’s way, so we’ll be sure to update this story. Check back later this week, if you can stomach it.

GALLERY: Fox Marketing Lexus Models Headed to Crusher

Fox-Marketing-Lexus-IF-S-crusher.jpgFox-Marketing-Lexus-ISC-junked.jpgFox-Marketing-Lexus-IF-S-ISC junked.jpgFox-Marketing-Lexus-ISF-ISC-headed-to-crusher.jpg

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