Go Back To The Future With The DeLorean Bicycle

Go Back To The Future With The DeLorean Bicycle

You might not get enough speed to go “Back to the Future” on the new DeLorean Bicycle, but it is a pretty hip way to get around town, especially if you can’t afford the iconic car.

The automotive version of the Delorean costs about $50,000, if you can find one. Compare that with the two-wheeled leg-powered version – a steal at $5,500. The bike is collaboration between the DeLorean Motor Company and Marc Moore, who is a cyclist and former DeLorean owner. And just like its famous inspiration, the bike’s frame is made of stainless steel.

There’s only one model available – the DeLorean Anyday – but there are a couple more in the works. Instead of a typical chain, the Anyday features a belt drive, and its wheels are lit up with a luminescent coating that gives the impression of turning on when headlights shine on them.

There’s no word if future models will come with a flux capacitor, but we’re pretty sure you’d have to pay extra for that upgrade. If you’re interested in buying one, check out the DeLorean Bicycle site.

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