Honda, Lexus Tops in Perceived Quality: Study

Honda, Lexus Tops in Perceived Quality: Study

The perceived quality of a brand takes years to build, and a reputation can be tarnished by one faulty car. Honda ranks at the top of the perceived quality list, followed closely by Toyota and Subaru. 

The study was undertaken by ALG, a subsidiary of True Car Inc., which polled owners of vehicles to see what there thoughts were on quality. The industry average for perceived quality out of 100 is 59.1. Honda scored an 81.3, Toyota an 80.1, and Subaru 71.1; all well above average.

Luxury car makers were lead by Lexus for perceived quality with a score of 85.4 (the top ranking automaker overall), followed by the three major German luxury brands. Mercedes-Benz scored a 82.9, BMW came in at 81. 5, and Porsche scored an even 80.

Both Ford and Hyundai have seen the largest increase in perceived quality, with Ford jumping 37 percent since 2008, and Hyundai upping its score by 25 percent.

Scion, Kia, Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat all ranked below the industry average.

The study also found that consumers scored there own brand of car 17 percent higher than others, adding a little bit of bias to the study.