Honda Wins Reversal of Small Claims Court Loss

Honda Wins Reversal of Small Claims Court Loss

After Honda lost in its small claims court gas mileage suit, the Japanese automaker filed an appeal on the ruling and headed back to court. Earlier on Wednesday, Honda won the reversal of the small claims loss to Heather Peters.

Back in February, Peters successfully sued Honda claiming that her 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid’s advertised 50 mpg rating was false. She was awarded $9,867 in damages but more importantly, stirred the pot for many other Civic Hybrid owners to follow suit. But the reversal of the lower court’s ruling may impact all those that elected to remove themselves from the class-action suit.

Honda agreed to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 (depending on the model) and up to $1,500 credit towards a new vehicle to all those involved in the class-action suit. About 1,700 Honda owners have since opted out of the class-action settlement hoping to follow in the footsteps of Peters in suing the automaker directly.

In the case, the judge said that most cars are able to get the fuel economy near the EPA estimates and also ordered Peters to pay Honda $75 to recover the automaker’s costs in defending the case.

According to a release by Honda, 17 similar small claims cases involving the Civic Hybrid have been brought to court around the country since January. In 16 of those, Honda has prevailed “based on facts and the law.”

[Source: Detroit News]