Horrific Super GT Crash Sends Tim Bergmeister to Hospital- Video

Horrific Super GT Crash Sends Tim Bergmeister to Hospital- Video

Racing and car wrecks are synonymous with one another, and the latest Super GT race at Fuji raceway saw Tim Bergmeister careening into the wall at high speeds in his Porsche. 

The cause of the wreck isn’t apparent from the video, and seems strange as Bergmeister’s car was traveling down the front straight, an unlikely spot to lose control. Some type of mechanical failure was probably at the root of the accident.

Tim’s brother is famed racer Jörg Bergmeister, who posted an update on Facebook regarding Tim’s condition after the wreck. He wrote, “Tims condition has stabilized. He has severe lung injuries and the doctors are trying to save his left lung while the right side is in much better shape. Within the next 2 weeks we will know how it goes. His brokes bones are no issue right now and the good thing is there are no head injuries nor damage to the spinal cord. Please keep your fingers crossed for him. Thank you for all the messages. I will keep you updated”.

It is amazing to watch the car absorb the impact, bounce off the wall, and still remain relatively intact with the driver protected.

We hope Tim has a speedy recovery back to full health.

Watch the car wreck video below.

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