Hyundai Blue Link Mobile App Launched

Hyundai Blue Link Mobile App Launched

Hyundai drivers who use Android or iOS devices are getting a bonus today thanks to a refreshed version of the automaker’s Blue Link app. 

Those who take advantage of it will be able to remotely lock their car, have access to the horn, a remote start system, send points of interest for in-car navigation and even be guided back to their car. The updated system can even keep track of how much time is left on a parking meter for you.

Acting as an extension of Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics system, the mobile phone app increases connectivity between the driver and car. A BlackBerry application isn’t available yet, but the company says one is coming.

The app is paired with Hyundai’s Blue Link service, which requires a subscription, but users can feel it out first with a free trial, provided their car is equipped for the service.

Certain features are independent of being close to the car, too. For example, users can be sure their car is locked from almost anywhere (with a 3G connection).

Two packages are available at different costs. The “assurance package” carries an annual $79 subscription fee but doesn’t include much. For that price, subscribers get collision notification, roadside assistance, emergency assistance and a monthly vehicle report.

Bump that up to a one-year service agreement for a total $179 and the list of features grows quite a bit — including smartphone access to your car, which isn’t available on the basic package. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of models that can even offer the service. Blue Link access is only available on the 2013 Genesis Coupe, 2012 Azera, Sonata, Sonata Hybrid and Veloster models.

  • New version 2 fails to allow me to logon.  Errors out with Please enter a valid user ID.  Well its the same ID used with version 1 and to logon to and have been using ver. 1 without any problems.  Version 2 (is a failure).  Blue Link help desk sucks, all they say is well it is a new version, you can try to uninstall and reinstall.  did that about 3 times prior to calling their non help desk.  Also Uninstalled, power off the Driod 4G with OS ver 2.3.6 and power back on, install the new ver 2.0 app, and still errors out with enter a valid user ID.  So far it not worth it and I uninstalled vesion 1 so ow I cannot even use the remote door lock, horn & lights like B4.  Cannot find version 1 of the software anywhere so I can at lest get that function back.  I may as well just cancel my Blue Link packages and save tht money and use for OnStar.

  • I can’t log in either with the updated app. The old one I could, now everytime I enter in my user id, it says “Please Enter Valid UserId” 

  • Pamster

    Just bought a new 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo this past weekend.  Was super excited to find out I could remote start my car with my iPhone 4S.  However, once I downloaded the app, everything remote works EXCEPT the remote start.  Bluelink help desk no help.  Anybody know how I can get this to work?