Hyundai Superbowl Commercials a Sure Thing Next Year

Hyundai Superbowl Commercials a Sure Thing Next Year

While General Motors is shying away from social media and advertising, its competition is taking the chance to fill the gap and get attention. 

Last week, the auto giant announced that it was nixing its ads with Facebook outright. Ford jumped in to fill that gaping hole and blow a big raspberry in the General’s face by making a big deal out of upping its ads on the site. Not long after, GM announced that it would also not be running ads in next year’s Superbowl, an American advertising tradition.

Some might have been shocked by the decision, especially after the ostentatious ads the company ran to thumb noses at Ford, but according to GM, the bill is just too high. Following suit with Ford, Hyundai is jumping on the “jeer at GM” bandwagon by announcing that it will run Superbowl commercials next year.

Hyundai marketing VP Steve Shannon sent an email to the Detroit Free Press shortly after the GM announcement saying: “In addition to the fact that this is far and away the best-watched television program in the U.S. the social media opportunities continue to grow every year and we expect even more impact from this aspect of our advertising on the Super Bowl next year.”

There can never bee enough hilarious superbowl commercials, that much is certain, but given how far we are from the next Superbowl, doesn’t this whole thing seem a little childish?

[Source: Detroit Free Press]