Is a Hybrid is Right For You? New EPA Site Will Tell You

Is a Hybrid is Right For You? New EPA Site Will Tell You

Lets face it, gas is getting expensive and fuel efficient cars are becoming more sought after by new car buyers. Is a hybrid vehicle the answer? Thanks to a new page at, it will become easier to determine if a hybrid is the right choice for you.

The Hybrid Compare page at shows your choice of hybrid vehicle and compares it to its non-hybrid counterpart. The site shows you the price differences between the two vehicles, as well as the variance in miles-per-gallon.

That’s not all, the page also allows you to input your commute, or annual estimated mileage, and you can even set the percentage of highway or city driving you encounter.

After filling out all the forms, the page will then show you how much money you will save by using a hybrid (if any at all) and how long it will take to recover the price difference between the hybrid and non-hybrid vehicle.

Its a pretty handy tool for budget-minded car buyers who are worried about spending the extra money on a hybrid. However the selection of vehicles seems pretty slim, and might be missing a few cars. It would also be interesting to see other alternative fuel comparisons, like for diesel cars.


  • Chavitz1

    Fed just racklessly mislead consumers: For some hybrid,  no payback period. Your Net Finacial Gain Just Starts From Year 1, In the calculation, Fed mistakenly assumed the additional cost of hybrid hardware is spent once the car is bought, But actually it is practically de-appreciated for about 15 years. Take Camry hyubrid for example. Camry hybrid is equvolent to normal camry + $4000worth of hybrid system. This $4000 hybrid hardware is de-appreciated for 15years. That is, additional annual cost for driving hybrid is $270 while your saving from fuel saving is $800 to 1000 annually. For average annual mileage drivers,the net annual saving is $530 to 730 due to driving hybrid, which means that net annual gain starts from Year 1.For example, after 3years, you sell out your hybrid and then your gain is $1590 to 2100. If considering additional insurance cost and additional interest of the $4000, you still can end up a net gain of at least $1000 to 1600 after selling your hybrid. In reality,the longer you drive, the greater you gain.  Even at the end of 15years, instead of being totally deappreciated, you still can sell the hybrid around $1500 higher than normal camry, that is another hiden gain for a hybrid. My suggestion is : if driving average 10 to 15k miles a year, even financing the additional $4000 difference, *Always Buy A  Reputable Hybrid*.  Your Net Finacial Gain Starts From Year 1.
    Fed used taxpayer’s money to racklessly mislead public on hybrid payback calculation.

  • You can even set the percentage of highway or city driving you encounter.

  • Keith F

    Wow! Amazing idea! Can’t believe it took so long for this to show up.