Jeep Wrangler Recalled for Fire Risk

Jeep Wrangler Recalled for Fire Risk

Chrysler has just issued a recall for 87,000 Jeep Wrangler models due to a risk that they could catch fire.

The recall resulted from an investigation by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which was prompted after stories of burning Wranglers made headlines.

While reports of fires on 2007 through 2012 model year Wrangler have been made, the recall only affects 2010 model year models equipped with an automatic transmission. According to Chrysler the vehicles could catch fire as debris can become lodged between a skid plate and the car’s catalytic converter. To meet emissions requirements, Chrysler changed the location of the catalytic converter for 2010.

Recalled models will have their skid plate replaced by a skid bar, a design Chrysler implemented later in 2010 and which has been used since.

In total, 87,000 Wranglers have been recalled, including 68,000 in the U.S. and 6,000 in Canada.

Chrysler will be contacting owners and will replace the part free of charge.

  • Keith Quin

    It’s about time. That car is a death trap.

  • Bomeshkr93

    The vehicle is referred to as a Jeep. It is not a car, nor was it ever intended to be a car. The roof, doors, and windshield can be removed. It has a full roll cage attached to the frame. And it is the Mark other OHV,(Off-highway Vehicles) use to compare themselves to.
    The mistake most New owners make is driving a Jeep like a car. In doing so, they claim it’s unsafe and has a tendency to roll over in a sharp turn.
    Jeeps were built with 1 purpose in mind, to be able to go anywhere at any time, through any terrain. No other vehicle manufacturer can make that claim… Not One.

  • Greenjeep1998

    Well said! Sounds like these Jeeps have attracted what the more hard core Harley riders have called R.U.B.’s now too, think I’ll hang onto my old Cherokee for a while just yet.

  • Thomas

    My 2011 jeep burned to the ground! Is there someone I can contact?

  • Lloyd R Mcrae JR.

    My 07 jeep wrangler caught fire while deer hunting this season a week ago. flames came from underneath the jeep below driver and passenger doors, out of the grill area, and from under the front. My elderly father and I had to jump out of the jeep, and extinguish the flames.Luckily me or my father wasn’t hurt, which easily could have happened; since the plastic fuel line which was in half was acting as a flame thrower with the gas tank less than ten inches away. I have always loved my jeep, however i think anyone with a jeep should take the time to wrap fire tape or fire resistant material around their plastic fuel lines to help alleviate this from happening. Better yet take it to a shop and get a metal fuel line put in…

  • Lloyd R Mcrae JR.

    I just received the call a bit ago from the shop… the damages totaled 7,000 dollars…