Jeremy Clarkson Confirms No Top Gear Until 2013

Jeremy Clarkson Confirms No Top Gear Until 2013

Jeremy Clarkson took to his Twitter account to confirm to the world that Top Gear won’t grace our televisions for the remainder of this year except for a Christmas special.

And who is to blame for this atrocity? “Fat people singing,” according to Clarkson, which means any one of numerous singing shows has taken precedent over his variety hour in the U.K. Clarkson confirmed that Top Gear will be back in January and that the bright side of its hiatus will be that they’ll have more time to film, making the episodes better.

As huge of a phenomenon Top Gear is, it’s still a “medium sized van” according to Clarkson. Simon Cowell on the other hand, is apparently a “juggernaut” and had all the power in the world to shove the show aside. You thought Cowell was only famous for bringing American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and X-Factor to America? The guy’s a walking money-making machine across the pond.

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    Hey Jeeza, give us Si’s contact info so the rest of the world can tell him how much we prefer you lot! – unhappy TG Fan.