Ken Block Gymkhana Four Re-Released

Ken Block Gymkhana Four Re-Released

We have already seen the Hollywood extravaganza that was the first gymkhana four, but now Ken Block and the folks at DC have released a re-edited version to show more driving skill and less over the top explosions. 

Focusing on ‘driving skill’, the new video reveals new angles and interior shots that were previously unseen. The majority of the video is the same, but without the crazy explosions and ridiculous stunts, it looks more like a real driving video. Obviously the company realized that most of us would rather see the driving skill highlighted over the craziness of the video effects. We agree.

Watch the re-edited version below.

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  • T. Roll

    Block is such an overrated poseur. Give me 1000 takes and I could do this too.

  • 3w00d

    Where can I get a car like that

  • Haters are gonna hate.  That is some impressive driving.