Kia Diesel Engine for US Hinted on Facebook

Kia Diesel Engine for US Hinted on Facebook

Delivery of diverse diesel passenger car lines in the U.S. isn’t an uncertainty anymore, but rather a waiting game. There’s almost no question that the world’s automakers will soon offer more diesel cars to Americans, it’s just a question of when.

With that in mind, we’re especially curious about a post Kia put up on its PR Facebook page asking if any of its fans would drive a diesel. The post was in response to a speculative piece published by, that suggested a North American diesel Optima was likely in the future.

While that post doesn’t seem to be based on much more than guesswork, the company’s response at the very least acknowledges it.

Offering a diesel engine could actually make sense for the brand, given that we already know some of its key competitors plan to do the same very soon. A diesel-powered Chevrolet Cruze is on the way, and we’re expecting Mazda to start offering its SkyActiv-D engine in the new Mazda6 which we already saw as the Takeri concept.

Historically, oil-burners have struggled to catch on in the U.S. with low horsepower ratings and rpm limits that were outshone by gas competitors with relative ease. Despite that, preferences are shifting quickly to favor more efficient engines.

At the moment, European customers are only offered the 1.7-liter diesel Optima with 134 horsepower and 239 lb-ft of torque, which would be a good engine candidate for American sale. With its chunky curb weight around 3,300 lbs, however, a diesel Optima might not appeal to U.S. customers, but the same power in the upcoming Forte could make a good mix or torque and efficiency.

  • spwilson

    This is good news for diesel enthusiasts.  Having more choices at the lower end will only strengthen the offerings as well as keep the pricing competitive.
    I would like to see more diesel SUV options where the mileage gains are significant.
    Thanks Kia!

  • Bobby

    Put 2.2 CDI Diesel to Kia Sorento.  State of the art new Diesel is good for 195 HP!  Even GLK will not be as powerful.  SUV is only reasonable choice!

  • Ruff Ryder G

    Yes totally agree that KIA is on a roll, they should release the optima diesel in North America. I my self took the time e-mail KIA in Canada (were I live yes Ooo Canada) why VW be the only one North America diesel. Luck us Mazda may bring in 2013 there diesel of the Mazda 6.And hey with a diesel speed your always first of the line without killing your MPG or KM/L

  • M L Mccollum

    well, need to get rid of EPA and Obama..that is the main reason we do not have more right now