Kimi Raikkonens Lotus F1 Contract Prohibits a Return to Rally

Kimi Raikkonens Lotus F1 Contract Prohibits a Return to Rally

After a two year break from Formula 1 racing to dabble in the World Rally Championship, Kimi Raikkonen recently returned, joining the Lotus F1 team this year and looking better than ever.

Recently he told the press that he would like to participate in this year’s Finnish rally, but that he’d “have to ask the team if it fits in my contract.” Well, the answer is now a solid no according to Lotus team chief Eric Boullier who went on the record to say, “Contractually he cannot do it. End of story.”

This isn’t a huge surprise considering how risky and dangerous rally racing can be – not that Formula 1 isn’t as well. As with any professional sport however, we can respect a team working its hardest to protect its most valuable assets. With Lotus F1, Kimi Raikkonen is a very valuable asset to the team.

As for the driver, Kimi is in good spirits with the Lotus team. “Here I am able to do my own thing, to live a normal life like other people… Freedom is important–no one wants to be in prison. The most important thing is that what I am doing makes me happy,” he said.

[Source: Motor Authority]


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