Largest Car Museum in North America Opens in the US

Largest Car Museum in North America Opens in the US

The LeMay museum will celebrate its grand opening on June 2, 2012, and will become the largest car museum in all of North America. 

The museum is estimated to house about $60 million worth of classic vehicles, all collected and displayed thanks to one man, Harold LeMay’s, dream. Celebrating our love affair with the automobile is the slogan and purpose of the museum, and nostalgia is a key theme in helping unite automotive enthusiasts from around the world.

The museum covers 165,000-sq. ft. and is starting off with a collection of over 200 cars. It is located in Tacoma WA, and has been under construction since summer of 2010.

The exterior design of the building is distinctly automotive looking, but whether it is a rear quarter panel and a hood scoop, you can’t be sure. The design serves the purpose of representing a car, but as an undefined piece, making the architecture intriguing and reminiscent of automobiles.

Watch the a preview video of the museum below, or check out the gallery to see some of the classics in the museum.

GALLERY: LeMay Museum Collection

1906 Caddillac Model M.jpg1919_Stanley_Steamer.jpg1921_Ford_861_Logo1.jpg1930_Packard__1478_LOGO.jpg1946_Ford_Truck_LOGO.jpg1926_Marmon_logo2.jpg

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