Lexus GS Coupe Could Arrive in 2013

Lexus GS Coupe Could Arrive in 2013

After the demise of the SC 430, the sports coupe slot in Lexus‘ lineup has been left vacant, until now. 

There has been much talk about this car, and based on everything that has been said by Lexus, the GS 350 will be coming as a coupe to fill the spot.

Lexus has said that the car should cost between $60,000 and $70,000 dollars, that it is needed to keep up with the companies other redesigned models, and that it is needed to help boost the emotional appeal of the brand. All of these hints point towards the GS, as the GS 350 starts at about $40,000, but when filled with all the upgrades it sits around $60,000, exactly where the company needs it to be.

The GS-F already exists(pictured above), but still sports four doors, which takes away from the design of the car and the appeal to enthusiasts. The car is meant to compete with the Audi S5, BMW 6-Series and Mercedes E-Class, all of which are offered as coupes.

So it seems the question is no longer if, but when will the Lexus GS 350 coupe be available. Hopefully sometime in early 2013, possibly even the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, will offer the introduction of the GS 350 coupe.

[Source: Inside Line]

  • Huey_si

    The picture above is a GS-FSport, not a GS-F. If they build a GS-F, it will be at least 500 hps, compare to the 306 hps of the GS-FSport. It’s like saying the current IS-FSport is the same as the IS-F….lol.