Lexus RX270 Expanding to New Markets

Lexus RX270 Expanding to New Markets

Making Lexus luxury more affordable in the crossover segment, the RX270 is expanding to new markets, though don’t look to find it at your local dealer – yet.

Lexus Australia has announced it will be adding a new, entry-level RX270 to its SUV lineup sporting a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder gas engine with 185-hp.

The ‘land down under’ will benefit from not only a lower price point, but a more fuel efficient RX model that will be available in two-wheel drive only. Chances are, the RX270 will be priced at around $70,000 Australian – about $69,000 US. If that sounds mighty expensive for an entry-level RX, it is compared to our market. Put to put it into perspective, the RX350 is $82,814 Australian.

By making the RX270 two-wheel drive only, it saves almost 300 lbs from its weight compared to the RX350 model. The Australian market will also be seeing F Sport variants of the RX model to the new, third-generation RX.

With the success the RX350 has had in the US, Lexus has given no indication that it will offer a more affordable and more fuel efficient RX270 here.

[Source: Car Advice]

  • Keith H

    No thanks. A smaller Lexus crossover, sure, but not some gutless POS.