Man Killed by Airbag Two Weeks After Crash

Man Killed by Airbag Two Weeks After Crash

Airbags can be dangerous in more ways than you might think: one man in Scotland died of bronchial pneumonia two weeks after inhaling fumes from one after it was cut on broken glass in a highway crash.

Ronald Smith of Scotland was involved in a six-car accident in 2010. The airbag in his Vauxhall Insignia deployed as it was designed to, but at some point during the incident it was punctured by a shard of broken glass. Gas and a white powder escaped from the hold and hit him in the face.

He left the accident apparently unharmed, but developed a persistant cough, shortness of breath and fell ill soon after the incident. Two weeks later he was admitted to hospital where he died of bronchial pneumonia.

An inquest took place this week, and a forensic coroner revealed the cause of his death and said he “died as a result of this incident and more pointedly because of the explosion of his airbag, and this death should be recorded as misadventure.”

When an airbag deploys, the chemical reaction is supposed to render a harmless substance: silicate glass. It has yet to be proven than the airbag caused the infection.

[Source: Daily Record]