Manchester United and Chevrolet Forge Advertising Partnership

Manchester United and Chevrolet Forge Advertising Partnership

General Motors’ advertising strategy made headlines several times already this year, but the latest revelation just might be the strangest yet.

Reporters have been invited to an announcement in Shanghai this Thursday where the General is expected to announce an advertising deal with Manchester United. That sponsorship will allow the automaker to advertise through the 19-time championship team that has a massive following worldwide. The announcement comes close after GM said it doesn’t plan to advertise during the next Superbowl.

As one of the most recognizable American auto brands, Chevrolet advertising during the U.S.’ single biggest televised sports event makes sense. What might not make so much sense is the company’s decision to advertise through a soccer team. Comparing soccer and football in the States is like comparing Mark Zuckerburg’s bank account balance before and after he founded Facebook — what a difference.

Given that, it probably seems a little odd that one of the most patriotic brands in the country would choose to advertise with Manchester United, at least initially.

It actually does make sense given that Chevrolet is trying to fit in with the global crowd, because a marketing strategy like this offers broader appeal.

With 659 million followers, Manchester United is the world’s most popular soccer team. That number trumps the entire U.S. population bar none. So it’s actually a good idea, especially considering the reason for pulling out of next year’s Superbowl shenanigans has to do with how stupidly expensive air time has become.

Given that the brand sold 4.76 million vehicles globally last year, it’s hard to fault anyone at the company for jumping ship for warmer waters. Further details will undoubtedly be available tomorrow after the official media event takes place./

  • Howie Johnson

    I can’t get on board with this. Soccer is for girls. Learn to throw a football again, Chevy…

    What happened to “An American Rvolution?”

  • Paul

    Chevy leave WTCC for this you gotta be kidding me….