Maserati Diesel Might have Artificial Engine Noise

Maserati Diesel Might have Artificial Engine Noise

With how popular diesel-powered cars are out in Europe, it’s no surprise that Maserati is working on its own diesel sports car.

But the Fiat-owned Italian automaker is now debating whether or not to add artificial engine noises to its diesel-powered sports car to make the car sound sportier. The concern is that the distinct sound of a diesel powerplant isn’t sporty enough for what Maserati is known for.

The artificial engine noise would be channeled through the car’s stereo speakers, which may sound gimmicky and strange because it is. Currently Maserati has not approved it for production yet, but it is testing the entire system and determining whether or not it would be fit for its new diesel model.

[Source: WhatCar]


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