McLaren GT to Get New Engineering Center Close to HQ

McLaren GT to Get New Engineering Center Close to HQ

Early last year, the McLaren Group launched McLaren GT, a new brand dedicated to supplying 12C GT3 race cars for racing in Europe this season.

The British race car manufacturer will now be moving into a dedicated engineering and vehicle assembly facility in Woking, England near the McLaren Technology Centre and close to the headquarters of McLaren Racing and McLaren Automotive. This will allow the McLaren GT team to easily share resources, technology, and exchange ideas within the McLaren family — something that has been previously difficult because of the distance between facilities.

“I am excited that McLaren GT will be establishing our operations so close to the home of McLaren Racing. We have a new race car that comprises a unique package of Formula 1-inspired technology, and we are working with customers to ensure the potential performance of the 12C GT3 is realised this season,” said Andrew Kirkaldy, Project Director for McLaren GT.

A total of 25 12C GT3 race cars were supplied throughout Europe this year by McLaren GT, and currently 13 teams are working with McLaren GT engineers to develop new race cars for the future. Previously, McLaren GT was based out of Leicestershire, but its new home will be where McLaren Racing operated from 1987 to 2004. The 60,000 sq ft facility will give everything McLaren GT needs under one roof.

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    That car looks 1000x better as a race car.