Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake Almost Undressed – Spy Photos

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake Almost Undressed – Spy Photos

What is it about European wagons that gets us glowing? Even if you’re not normally a fan, you have to stop and stare at what Mercedes-Benz is flaunting with its CLS Shooting Brake that our spy photographer captured.

This wagon is much less camo’d up than we’ve ever seen before, and that gives us a chance to appreciate the detail that Mercedes-Benz has gone into making this car really flow into its wagon look.

The car we see before us isn’t sporting the same quad-exhaust pipes that we saw last time, so that must mean we’re looking at a non-AMG version of the CLS.

This car is supposed to be available sometime near the end of this year, and you can expect it to come with the same engine and drive-train options as the regular CLS.

The original Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake Concept debuted back in 2010 at the Bejing Auto Show. The model we see in our photos look very similar to the original concept, so its clear Mercedes’ designers have been hard at work.

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