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 |  May 23 2012, 7:31 PM

Mercedes-Benz released a thank you video a few weeks ago for its fans, but it wasn’t enough to whet our appetites for the tuned up German cars, and so the company has re-released the video with all of the footage that was cut from the original. 

The fans were skeptical of a few things, especially the drift of the infamous corkscrew turn at Laguna Seca, as the footage in the first video is cut together in such a way that makes it look like movie magic. This new video is careful to display the drift as one continuous shot, quelling all claims that the move wasn’t real.

The footage is strictly aerial footage taken from a helicopter camera, and give a great birds eye view of the car and the track.

Watch the video below to see the C63 flawlessly drifting around Laguna Seca.

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  • Johnny Tightlips

    Pure Magic!