Mercedes-Benz S-Class Redesign Could Sport Nine-Speed Transmission

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Redesign Could Sport Nine-Speed Transmission

The next generation S-Class flagship from Mercedes-Benz is on its way, and it may come sporting an automatic nine-speed transmission. 

With the need for greater fuel efficiency constantly on the rise, it seems that a nine speed in the S-Class is likely. The top of of the line S-Class always sports the latest technology from the German luxury company, which eventually trickles down to its lesser models. Also adding to the pressure of the S-Class redesign is the death of the Maybach, which now leaves the S-Class as the flagship model for the company.

The nine-speed should be available with all of the power train and drivetrain options that the S-Class will have, including a small diesel engine, front and rear wheel drive setups and large powerful gas motors. The extra gears should also help make the S-Class smoother than ever.

We have already seen spy photos of the updated S-Class, and style wise it looks like it will grow slightly, as well as sport a coupe and convertible variant.

[Source: Motori Online]