New Ford Commercial Ditches Logo, Doesn’t Mention Brand

New Ford Commercial Ditches Logo, Doesn’t Mention Brand

In an interesting marketing tactic, Ford‘s latest commercial uses an unusual scheme to get attention: it doesn’t mention the brand at all.

Viewers are used to commercials like the chest-thumping superbowl commercials that throw branding in your face like a team dumping the water jug on its coach after a big win. Unlike Chevrolet’s ad, which did exactly that, Ford is taking a more modest approach in an attempt to make viewers curious.

The ad, which was released to the internet yesterday, talks about innovative cars and their features. You see interior, exterior and motion shots, but everywhere you would expect to see a blue oval, or some other identifying mark, there is only blank space.

It’s a clever trick because there are still probably plenty of consumers who assume the Ford name is a red flag for bad vehicles. With its recent effort to bring about a more European style, pulling the badges and talking about premium features is probably a good way of eliminating predetermined bias.

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