Nissan 370Z Crowdsourced Project Car Begins – Video

Nissan 370Z Crowdsourced Project Car Begins – Video

Nissan is taking an interesting approach to show off the tuning potential of its 370Z by tasking its Facebook fans with deciding what modifications make their way onto its project car.

Fans on Nissan’s Facebook page are choosing the parts that the Japanese automaker is installing onto the car to make it the “ultimate track car,” the world’s first crowdsourced project car.

The first phase of the build saw the 370Z getting a huge power boost thanks to a twin turbo kit that puts more than 500 hp on tap. A Ti-C catback exhaust system with 2.75-inch diameter piping also went into the car, allowing the engine to better use its new forced induction system.

The boost in engine performance will be backed by a set of coilovers from KW with its Variant 3 model featuring a 2-stage valve system. KW has become a very popular brand in recent years amongst enthusiasts, and the 70-percent voting proved just that for the 370Z project. Lastly, Nissan upgraded the brakes on its 370Z.

This is just the beginning of the project car and we’ll keep an eye out as Nissan will undoubtedly focus on the project’s aerodynamics and interior next as they strive to build a great track car thanks to the feedback of its fans.

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