Nissan Delta Wing’s Tiny Engine Explained in Video

Nissan Delta Wing’s Tiny Engine Explained in Video

Nissan‘s Delta Wing Le Mans race car looks like something out of a comic book, and as much as imaginative thinking went into it, the real magic came from the engineers who managed to make it work. 

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the Delta Wing, though, is that it uses an almost-identical engine to the Nissan Juke. In order to work with the car’s lightweight, unique design, it needed a small engine, something the Juke’s powerplant was perfect for according to Ben Bowlby, the Delta Wing’s originator and designer.

The 1.6-liter turbo four cylinder red lines at around 7,500 rpms, much like the production version. Its efficient fuel demands mean the Delta Wing can run about 110 miles of Le Mans racing on a single fuel cell fill up.

In the clip below, you see animations of how the engine works, get a brief explanation of it and see exactly how small it is for such an imposing-looking car.

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