Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van Confirmed for Production

Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van Confirmed for Production

Nissan has confirmed that the e-NV200 all-electric van will begin production in Barcelona, Spain in early 2013. 

The announcement coincides with Nissan’s plans to offer four all-electric models by 2015, and will be the second EV in the companies fleet, joining the Nissan Leaf. We first saw the e-NV200 at the Detroit Auto Show, where it debuted as a concept vehicle.

The power source of the e-NV200 was not specified by the company, although it is supposed to garner a range very close to that of the Leaf. Most of the technology and drive-train will most definitley be sourced directly from the Leaf, with some retrofitting needing to be done to fit the e-NV200’s larger size.

Nissan is putting up a $51 million investment to ready the Spanish plant for the task of building the electric van, as this will be the only production facility in the world putting together the e-NV200. The plant expansion will also add 700 new jobs to the facility.

Delivery companies are the focus of e-NV200, as Nissan envisions its electric van as the perfect vehicle for inner city drop offs, but also makes sure to stress that all that cargo space is good for the kids and dog as well. “Crucially, it will also offer class-leading running and maintenance costs which makes it an exceptionally attractive proposition to both businesses and families,” said Andy Palmer, Nissan Executive Vice President.

Although the Leaf has not had the greatest sales number, Nissan is staying true to the plan of investing in electric vehicle technology, which may or may not pay off for them in the future.

  • MeeMs

    Nice. My delivery company will be looking into these. This is good news. 

  • Royalginc

    Need to know what’s the mileage for 1 full charge..