Online Car Show Let’s You Compete and Judge – Video

Online Car Show Let’s You Compete and Judge – Video

Car detailing brand Eagle One has created the world’s first interactive online car show through Facebook, giving car owners the chance to compete against each other worldwide.

The idea is a simple one, bringing everything we know about a car show online and making it interactive through social networking. The process to participate is quite simple too, create an account to check out everything the online car show has to offer, including showing off your own ride, voting on others, claiming trophies, posting comments, and receiving feedback from other users.

Best of all, Eagle One is allowing users to not only compete for having the best looking ride in their online car show, but the worst one too. As they said, there’s “nothing wrong with riding dirty.”

There don’t appear to be any real prizes for this online car show other than the virtual trophies being rewarded, but Eagle One might have a surprise for its competitors down the road.

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