OnStar Growing in Popularity Among Non-GM Vehicles

OnStar Growing in Popularity Among Non-GM Vehicles

OnStar is General Motors safety and security service that offers navigation, emergency personnel contact and more, and is now becoming popular in other manufacturers vehicles thanks to the For My Vehicle (FMV) aftermarket mirror. 

The FMV mirror can be installed in any car, and offers all of the services you find in a factory equipped OnStar vehicle. Toyota vehicles account for 15.6 percent of OnStar FMV sales, followed by Ford who make up 12.3 percent. Also, more than 30 percent of the Ford vehicles that installed the the aftermarket OnStar service were equipped with Ford’s own infotainment system Sync.

The majority of purchasers of this software own cars from 2011 and 2012, most of which are already equipped with each manufacturers infotainment systems, telling us that many new car buyers value General Motors mirror mounted OnStar system over other comparable services.

OnStar is offering the aftermarket package for $99.99 from May 6 through June 16. The directions and connections OnStar service will run you $299 a year.

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