Plant Expansion Begins for US Chevrolet Colorado

Plant Expansion Begins for US Chevrolet Colorado

General Motors has started the expansion of its Wentzville, Missouri plant, essentially taking the first steps toward brining the new Chevrolet Colorado to the U.S. 

The $380 million expansion to the assembly plant will retain or create 1,260 jobs as GM starts to build the next generation of its midsize pickups at the location. No details have been given on when the plant expansion will be completed or what products will be built at the plant, but we’re confident that the new Chevrolet Colorado will be built there.

However, the midsize pickup might not be called the Chevrolet Colorado as it is now, when it launches. Currently, GM is working on completing its refresh of all its full-size pickups as 2014 model years before bringing the new midsize to market.

“This is the first of many of what we hope are many good news announcements” at the plant, said GM spokeswoman Stephanie Jentgen.

[Source: Detroit News]