Porsche Pajun Pushed Back to 2017

Porsche Pajun Pushed Back to 2017

It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Porsche Pajun, a smaller version of the Panamera that would compete with the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 Series, but information is starting to crop up again. 

Previous reports suggested that the car would come around in 2016, but that date seems to have been pushed back to 2017 for now. The latest information also suggests that a range of V6 gasoline engines reaching from 320, 420 and 520 hp will be available alongside a diesel with 313 hp. It will also be built on Audi’s MLB platform.

There wasn’t any mention of a hybrid drivetrain, as was reported last year, but given the demand for efficient vehicles (even in the luxury segmgent) it seems reasonable that something along those lines could be coming too. Then again, the diesel engine in conjunction with Porsche’s dual-clutch transmission could probably offer the fuel efficiency those clients would want.

Still, it’s hard to think that the company is really going to deliver in five years. Last year it was 2016, now it’s been pushed again and the word from Stuttgart seems to be grim for new vehicles. The company hasn’t been shy about emphasizing its preference to focus on cash cows, but then again that’s exactly what this could be with the right price tag.

[Source: Autobild]