Prius Plug-In is America’s Third-Fastest Selling Car

Prius Plug-In is America’s Third-Fastest Selling Car

Rounding off the first quarter of 2012, April brought some interesting sales stories. GM and Ford were both down a few points, Chrysler was up a whopping 20 percent and Toyota seemed to be on the mend compared to last year, but who would have guessed the Prius Plug-In would be a big winner?

Low and behold, that’s exactly the case. According to numbers compiled by, the Japanese giant’s EV entry is actually doing relatively well while the remainder of the segment seems to struggle.

The report also examined which cars were struggling to sell. Among them, Porsche’ sentry-level Boxster topped the list taking an average 250 days to move from the lot.

The top three to move fastest were the BMW 3 Series which tied with the X5, taking an average four days to sell. Those two were followed closely by the plug-in Prius which took five days. The in-demand Prius C came in seventh place, taking as many days on average to sell, but the rest of the Prius line was absent. There also weren’t any other EVs making the list.