Subaru Denies Tribeca Cancellation

Subaru Denies Tribeca Cancellation

Rumors that the unpopular Subaru Tribeca is being cut from the brand’s product line are being denied by a company spokesperson.

Yesterday we reported that there was a rumor about the vehicle being discontinued after seeing hopelessly inadequate sales, talking to Inautonews, the company flatly denied that report, saying that it will, in fact, continue into the 2013 model year.

The trouble is that the car struggled since its 2005 debut to gain popularity or traction with consumers. Subaru managed to sell 10,975 units in 2008, but those numbers dwindled to 2,791 by 2010.

Considered ugly and irrelevant by many, the industry probably breathed a collective sigh of relief when that news broke. Unfortunately, Subaru doesn’t seem ready to admit that it’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater by continuing production.

Past rumors suggested that an upcoming version might be based on the Toyota Highlander, and given the confirmation that the unpopular Subie will stay in the lineup, there’s a chance something like that might actually happen.

[Source: Inautonews]

  • T. Roll

    IF they don’t deny it, they won’t be able to sell the last shitty ones on dealer lots. Come one people, this car is DEAD!

  • Really?

    Hey STUPID do you own one? I have on eand it’s a great car what is your problem?

  • Rick

    Well no it’s not really I own one. It’s underpowered (3.6 litre engine). The Gearbox is only a 5 speed not a (6 speed) no airbags for the 3rd row seats. The breaks are just Average. It needs More power, New 6 speed gearbox, and a full size Spare tyre no cheap space saver.