Tesla Roadster Won on Las Vegas Penny Slots

Tesla Roadster Won on Las Vegas Penny Slots

Against the odds, a letter carrier in Las Vegas won a Tesla Roadster playing penny slots. Needless to say, the odds of winning a six-figure prize by playing those games are stacked against you. 

That didn’t stop MaryEllen Cobb of West Nyack, New York, from winning one of the coolest EVs available today. She won the car, valued at $150,000 by playing the slots at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino.

Unfortunately for her, the fairy tale ends before it starts. She says she can’t fit in the car without lowering its convertible top and doesn’t have a garage to keep it in. Worse yet, winning a car that costs that much is actually expensive. The bill is still being calculated, but she’ll owe the IRS money because her prize is considered taxable income.

If you find yourself in the Las Vegas airport, it might actually pay to think twice about dropping your spare change in the machine and pulling the lever.

[Source: Wheels]