Tom Tom App Warns of Speed Traps, Encourages Reckless Driving

Tom Tom App Warns of Speed Traps, Encourages Reckless Driving

Tom Tom is a company known for building aftermarket GPS devices. But now, with the new Tom Tom speed camera app, users in Europe can beat the speed traps and save some money. 

For now, the app has been released only to users in Europe to help combat stationary speed cameras on the sides of the roads. It will also detects red light cameras, average speed check spots, accident blackspots and railway crossings, acting as a detection system that allows drivers to always know what is ahead. Tom Tom says the app is meant to make roads safer, and to help drivers save money in fines.

You can also share your knowledge with other by reporting where cameras are manually, information that can be viewed by the whole network.

European users will pay up to £34.99 yearly for the service.

While Tom Tom says the app promotes safe driving, it’s obvious that the software enables reckless drivers to behave dangerously while armed with information to stave off penalties.

Watch the promo video for Tom Tom Speed Camera app below.

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  • Good lord, who wrote the title of this article?!  Encourages bad driving?  I suppose the author believes that all speed limits are always set for the safety of the drivers, rather than the writing of tickets and that police and local villages would never manipulate speed zones.