Top 10 Car Brands for 18 to 34-Year-Old Buyers

Top 10 Car Brands for 18 to 34-Year-Old Buyers

10. MINI: 10.1%

Thanks to data from automotive research firm Polk, we were able to compile a list of the top 10 most popular automakers for buyers aged 18 to 34 – roughly the Gen Y set.

There are quite a few surprises on the list, most notably that Scion is missing. The Toyota spin-off brand was designed to target specifically that age group but weren’t even on the top 10 that were most successful at targeting young buyers last year. Also, you may be surprised by the differences between the top cars for teens and the automakers that made it onto this list.

Starting off the top 10 is MINI, the British automaker known to make fun and compact, yet functional cars. The Cooper models has a near cult following in the automotive community and with just over 10 percent of its buyers between 18 and 34 years old, it’s obvious that the younger Gen Y embrace what MINI is all about.

  • Melo Vataga

    Might be more boring compare to what??? Mitsubishi’s reputation has always been strong with consumers because they are the only manufacturer that offers the highest standard warranty of 10 years 160,000 powertrain warranty which no one can match. Also these vehicles are rugged and have rally racing in their DNA. It’s not just about the car’s interior that you need to pay attention but the actual driving dynamics of all of their vehicles. Also Mitsubishi offers you the most amount of standard features, most amount of fun, for the least amount of money. Plus look at their street credentials. The Fast and the Furious Franchise featured Mitsubishis in their films and won DAKAR rally 12 times…

  • where is the top 10?

  • guest

    if you are referring to the ralliart/evolution line then you are right. the regular lancer for example, is dull, slow, unrefined. It looks amazing on the outside, the inside is ok. It is veryyyy cheap inside as it has hard plastics throughout and just looks very last minute.

  • Anonymous Jay

    What happened to the Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari?

  • Rimorinian0

    Fuck You Asshole !

  • toyota

  • You do know that MINI is BMW owned, thus German, not British, right?

  • You do know that MINI is German not British, and that its owned by BMW right? 

  • Jusincase

    Origin is British as you know